Hospital Lighting – A Bright Idea

Hospital Lighting – A Bright Idea

In medieval times, rudimentary surgery was performed by candle light. Cuts were messy, sutures sloppy, mistakes were made, and patients died. Then Thomas Edison made things a lot safer for all of us! No more dentists poking around blindly, no more messy stitches.

Like any other piece of medical or surgical equipment, having the right lighting is integral. To see into a mouth or an ear, to deliver a healthy baby, to remove a tumor – these are all areas where top-notch lighting makes a difference. Second best is not an option – you need to know that a light isn’t going to stop working in the middle of a procedure.

Dermatologists and dentists both use lighted magnifiers. A rash on your skin may look like one thing in natural light, but can be diagnosed as something completely different when viewed under a professional lamp. A dental surgeon can see deep into the opening of a root canal to be certain that all decay is removed.

Lighting is incredibly important in an operating room. Halogen lighting provides clean, crisp lighting inside exam rooms and operating theaters, whether ceiling mounted or on adjustable arms. Lights cannot give off glare or shadow surgeons may make mistakes. In addition to the overhead lights, surgeons use head mounted halogen spotlights to better see inside their patients.

Hospitals, clinics and dental offices of all types need adequate – above adequate – hospital lighting to ensure that patients receive accurate diagnoses and the best possible care.


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