Cosmetic Dentistry With Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry With Dental Implants

One cannot deny that the first impression of a person is very important and a person with an attractive smile is sure to make a good impression on everyone. There is a fair possibility of your teeth getting spoiled maybe because of an accident, decay or just with regular use. There are a number of options available for you to get your teeth fixed with the help of cosmetic dentistry if by chance you lose your teeth in an accident.

Till some time back dentures were supposed to be the top choice for substituting a broken tooth in a person. With the advance in technology and ways to look after the teeth, dental implants have become the most sought after option for mending and repairing a broken tooth nowadays. A person feels much more confident now as dental implants create a much more natural look as well as feel to the tooth. It is an amazing form of cosmetic dentistry to improve a person’s self confidence.

When we say dental implants, they are artificial stumps which are fixed in the jaw which is used for fitting the false tooth. In fact these synthetic stubs are like the roots which help in holding the false tooth like in the same way as normal stubs. In cosmetic dentistry it is possible to get dental implants for individual tooth and you can also get bridge implants done. Single teeth are not connected to each other inside the jaw that is how it is possible to get individual dental implants. A number of dental implants are fitted in the jaw and then attached to artificial teeth when dentures are to be replaced.

Everyone is not advised dental implants, and it is only after there is thorough assessment of the x-rays as well as the molds and of the teeth, that a dentist decides if the patient requires a dental implant. Dental implant has to be supported by excellent oral health and a healthy bone structure. There are some other things the dentist may enquire including questions related to your general health related as well as consider all the medicines which you are eating to make sure that they will not be a hindrance of you getting this cosmetic dentistry. Once they are sure, they will go ahead of the dental implant.


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