Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Gaining Popularity

Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Gaining Popularity

Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialty area of area of Dentistry. It is a form of dental profession which lays stress on the improvement and beautification of a patient’s teeth.

Teeth Whitening is a major technique that falls under the branch of Cosmetic Dentistry. It eliminates the discoloration and stains on the teeth, and can also brightens the natural pigmentation of the teeth.

There are many factors that contribute to the decaying of our teeth and deterioration of its the pigmentation.

  1. Coffee and Tea
  2. Smoking
  3. Intake of medicines with higher amounts of tetracycline.
  4. Regular intake of wine or other alcoholic drinks
  5. Cold drinks
  6. Cavities
  7. Intake of certain Antibiotics

Though these are all external factors, there are many internal factors also that could indirectly affect the condition of our teeth. Any orally borne disease is a possibility.

The most effective teeth whitening techniques available today are in-office procedures conducted by a cosmetic dentist and at-home teeth cleaning with custom-fit trays.

Both the techniques are better performed under a dentist’s vigilance.

Whitening Teeth usually depends on these two types of procedures. While the at-home whitening techniques include the use of whitening gels, teeth bleaching kits and custom fit trays- therefore, prolonging the procedure, the in-office procedures concentrate upon new found techniques like Laser Teeth cleaning and several other Teeth Whiteners that require lesser time but promise better results. Teeth Whitening Systems usually involve the use of whitening gels by a experienced cosmetic dentist and the application of strong rays of light to activate the gel. Popular Teeth Whitening Systems include Zoom!, Britesmile and Rembrandt Teeth cleaning gel – most of which is manufactured in The States and Australia. Other teeth whitening products include a variety of whitening toothpastes and whitening strips.

Tooth Whitening or Tooth Bleaching is usually done by the application of a gel that has highest content of Hydrogen Peroxide which removes the dark pigmentations over a set of teeth and gives a new shine to the teeth. Elements like Hydrogen Peroxide are oxidizing agents which help in whitening pigmented teeth as they penetrate the deep enamels and porosities present in the teeth. Usually the gels having higher concentration of oxidizing agents are used under the supervision of qualified dentists while the ones with lower concentrations are used as a mode of at-home techniques.


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